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What do you call your court cards?

Most of us are familiar with the Page, Knight, King and Queen cards in tarot This ‘royal family’ makes up what is traditionally known as the ‘court’ – and they are often seen as the trickiest cards to learn. They are the characters in tarot, often representing ourselves or the people in our lives. Many decks have …

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Understanding the tarot court cards

I want to talk about the ‘people’ of the tarot. The pages, knights, kings and queens that make up the tarot’s ‘court’. These sixteen court cards are notoriously tricky to interpret, with beginners and seasoned readers alike often struggling to understand their meaning in tarot readings.

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How to read court cards as couples

Tarot Court Cards - Angie and Den from 1980s Eastenders

Everyone finds the court cards tricky, right? I know it’s not just me. I get asked regularly how I work with these cards and I know other tarotists do too. On a forum I belong to, experienced tarot readers often post questions and answers about how to learn and read these cards. Do they always …

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Page of Swords

page of swords

Daily draw - 28th May 2011 The Page of Swords. Interesting card! I'm kinda in the middle of a mapping exercise to help me learn more about the personalities of the sixteen court cards, and thought I'd have a little moment with this character. Page...

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A knight and a poem

Daily draw – 9th May 2011 Hawk Roosting I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed.Inaction, no falsifying dreamBetween my hooked head and hooked feet:Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.The convenience of the high trees!The air’s buo...

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Knight of Pentacles

Daily draw - 22nd March 2011 The Knight of Pentacles sits upon a heavy plough horse in the midst of the field of dreams. In his hands he carries a single gold coin, but his eyes reflect careful thought and consideration. The knight is engaged in t...

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