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Magic wands

tarot wands fire

So! 2013. A year I've decided will be characterised by hard work, being even more broke and still having a lot of fun. Awesome. Without wanting to go into detail here and now, there's a big project brewing - perhaps not huge by other peoples' stan...

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Tarot aces = opportunities

Tarot ace

I find Aces relatively easy to interpret in a reading. The key word which springs to mind with all of them is 'opportunity'. Like the hand from the clouds on each of the Waite-Smith Aces, something is reaching out and offering you an opportunity r...

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Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords, Anna K Tarot, Anna Klaffinger

Daily draw - 15th May 2011 If ever a card screamed 'set yourself free' it's this one. I love the Anna K illustration below, which takes the traditional image of the woman bound up and blindfolded, unable to see that if she takes a step to the side...

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A little more knitting..

Knitted tarot bag anna k

Awww...I'm excited to say that the Wildwood Tarot now has its own little pouch. The basic pattern is here... And then Anna K got one too: A different pattern, cus her cards are smaller...I made it as a graph as I went along so hope it can be under...

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