Buy Nothing Day and anti-capitalist tarot cards!

It’s that time of year!

You can already hear Santa’s sleighbells jingling, right? Or is that just an advert on TV? So festive!

Get ready to celebrate…

International BUY NOTHING DAY!

International: 29th November

US: 28th November (today!)

Buy nothing day is an international day of protest against consumerism.

It coincides with Black Friday – the day Christmas Shopping Hell™ begins in earnest, and raises awareness of the ridiculous amounts we all end up spending at Christmas to make ourselves and each other feel good and actually end up feeling broke and stressed and actually only the corporate fatcats feel good.

Ho ho ho.

This is not about being negative.

Okay, it is. By it’s very definition, Buy Nothing Day is negative. But in a really positive way!

Reject what Amazon and WalMart and John Lewis and want you to do (make them lots of profit) and… buy nothing.

See also: Buy nothing Christmas

I’m not against gift-giving. I LOVE giving presents and yeah, I love getting them too. I like it that there’s a time of year when people give each other things… I just think it’s all gone a little too far.

Here are my favourite anti-capitalist tarot cards:

Photo 28-11-2014 09 58 56

Four of Pentacles

Be all like this on buy nothing day 🙂

Photo 28-11-2014 09 58 40

Six of Pentacles

Awareness of where your money goes and the fucked-up-ness of the global economy.

Photo 28-11-2014 09 58 46

Seven of Cups

A warning about the burden of choice and how we are dazzled and beguiled by glossy advertising which tells us that buying products will solve our emotional problems.

Photo 28-11-2014 09 58 51

Six of Cups

Practice simple acts of kindness instead!

Photo 28-11-2014 09 59 02

Eight of Pentacles

DIY or die, folks!

Photo 28-11-2014 09 58 35

Seven of Wands

Just damn the man!


So – are you gonna observe buy nothing day? And what are your favourite anti-capitalist tarot cards?

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