Busy kicks and bending tricks – Two of Pentacles

D’ya know, I don’t think I’ve *ever* had the Two of Pentacles come up in a reading, either for myself or for anyone else. What are the chances?

I wonder if there are any other cards I’ve never drawn. Hmm! Anyway, as a result of this absence from readings, I’d not really given the Two of Pentacles much thought beyond ‘juggling things and keeping shit in balance’.


Two of Pentacles, from the Silver Era Tarot by Aunia Kahn and Russell J Moon

As it turns out, there’s much more here than meets the eye. Yes, there’s the juggling aspect – this card usually shows a person juggling or balancing two pentacles, indicating the importance of dividing our energy wisely and fairly between the different elements in our lives, and being sharp enough to keep each thing in the air. An infinity sign loops around the pentacles in the Waite-Smith image, reminding us that at times there may be innumerable things we need to juggle.

It’s also about fun! In the traditional image, the juggler is dancing away merrily, getting a kick out of the clever and precise way he is managing the feat. In Learning the Tarot, Joan Bunning writes ‘there is nothing quite like the feeling of being graceful and effective at the same time’, and I know exactly what she means. I’m generally a busy person and that’s fine with me, but every so often I have one of those days where it’s just like Ching! Ching! CHING! Jobs getting done, things getting seen to, and it’s soooo satisfying. I’m flying through a to-do list ticking here there and everywhere, multi-tasking like nobody’s business and totally getting off on it. What a buzz. If only there could be more days like that! Well, I’ve got l

ots to do today, so I’m gonna carry this card with me in the hope of channelling a bit of that juggly stuff.

Two of Pentacles Gorgons tarot

Another element in this card is that it represents change – new challenges entering our lives which will demand from us that we act like this juggler. Flexibility is key, being adaptable and bending to fit those changes into our lives.

I love the image below by Dolores – rather than juggling, the woman on the card is practicing yoga – a totally different approach to achieving balance and flexibility, but still a very practical one. A totally different kind of buzz too. As someone who loves yoga as much as juggling (metaphorical juggling I mean), this card offers a really nice contrast to the dancingin the more traditional images.

Two of Pentacles, by Dolores Fitchie

Two of Stones Wildwood Tarot

Lastly, I should add the Two of Stones from the Wildwood Tarot – this shows two duelling hares, with the key word ‘challenge’. It’s a different emphasis – rather than two things being in balance, they are fighting each other for dominance.

But the hares are perfectly matched, almost mirroring each other, and neither one has the upper hand. As new challenges come into our lives, they jostle for attention with the many other things we are dealing with and at times it can feel like we are battling ourselves. I guess one message I can see in this card is to try to enjoy that battle and find that buzz. The hares in the picture are not duelling to the death but fighting out the natural order of things, working out how the hierarchy is going to sit. It would be impossible to give absolutely equal attention to every aspect of our lives – balance is achieved when everything is getting enough.

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  1. Little Red says:

    Cheers Chloe! It’s not easy is it…more often than not I’m carrying a sense of ‘aargh…I’m not quite keeping all my balls in the air!’ …But then, we aren’t robots and can’t manage everything. Still, it’s fun when it works!x

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