Business elements – a business tarot spread

Starting or redesigning a creative business is a tricky thing. There’s so much to think about, so much to find out.

On the one hand you’re focused on making money (of course), and on the other it’s vital to keep your heart and soul firmly at the core of things. Who wants to run a business they don’t love? Not me. But balancing financial acumen with such hippyish ideals can be challenging. Time for a business tarot spread, methinks.

I designed a spread based on examining the four elements – the earth, air, fire and water – in your project. Start by placing yourself at the centre. This card represents not only you, but the personal challenge you face right now. Place cards for each of the four elements around this, so you can see what energy surrounds your project. Then draw two further cards for guidance: one for an action you can take right now, and a second for something to ‘park’ for the time being.

Using the four elements in this way helps us to see our projects from different perspectives. The earth element gives us meat and bones, tells us how we can make money, how we can be physically comfortable and satisfied in our work. Air helps us to gain mental clarity – this is the analytical part of the business. Fire is our inspiration, our spark. Water is the soul of the business – it is here that we bring our heart and emotion into our work, how our intuition can inform our decisions.

Business elements tarot spread

1. You and your central challenge
2. The earth element in your business
3. The air element in your business
4. The fire element in your business
5. The water element in your business
6. Something to do or focus on right now
7. Something to shelve, for now

business tarot spread

Did you try this spread out yourself? Let me know how you got on!

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  1. this spread sounds like just what I need! but question . . .

    what if I don’t pull cards that end up in their respective elements section? (for instance, Two of Pentacles in the Fire position (card #4)

    this is tripping me up a bit.

    • Beth says:

      It’s likely they won’t Ev’Yan – in which case you’ll be blending the two elements together, in your example the earth of pentacles with the fire position. What does it mean to say that the ‘fire’ of your business is the Two of Pentacles?

      It’s really good to practice interpreting element combinations like this.

  2. Carmen says:

    it has spoken to me in a very clear way, everything fits on what I’m going through now. It gives me perspective and solid base, it has reaffirmed my inner sensations
    Thanks for sharing the spread
    Have a nice day

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