The Astrology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Part 1

I am an amateur astrology nerd and a Buffy fanatic.

The following is my humble attempt to illustrate my opinion of how the show’s twelve major characters (except Dawn, for several reasons) could each personify a sun sign archetype. Of course I know it’s a lot more complicated than that, but this is just for fun.

An earlier version of this piece appeared in issue 8 of my personal zine You Know Better in February 2015.

PART 1: Aquarius | Sagittarius | Libra | Cancer | Gemini | Leo. Read part 2 here!

Buffy Summers — Aquarius

The hero of the show, the one in charge of looking out for others and making the tough decisions, Buffy’s no stranger to sacrifice. She’s the revolutionary, the altruist, the lover of humanity. Even Angel knows he can’t pin her down; as she says in the series’ final episode Chosen (S7E22), “I’m cookie dough; I’m not done baking.” This champion still has a lot of different women to be. Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism; its symbol, the Water Bearer, gives life to the world, while looking forward and washing away the past. Buffy isn’t interested in tradition, she wants to know what works — a fact she makes clear in her speech to the Watcher’s Council in Checkpoint (S5E12). As an air sign, she’s the idea person, always thinking of a new approach, explaining the plan, dispatching the team. And as a fixed sign, Buffy’s resolute in her Slayer responsibilities and her role on the planet, even when depressed, heartbroken, exhausted or overwhelmed. Aquarius, governed by rebellious Uranus, rules the eleventh house of friendships and community, and these very things are the reason she survives so long, despite what the First Slayer says in her dream sequence in Restless (S4E22): “No friends. Just kill. We are alone.” Buffy won’t stand for that; the people around her are an essential part of her strength.

Willow Rosenberg — Sagittarius

Fiery, redheaded Willow undergoes seven seasons of radical transformation, from shy boy-crushing nerd to avenging queer witch to key player in world-alterage. She’s a force of nature, and she has one speed: constantly striving. As an Archer, she’s interested in so many things, often on the trail of new knowledge and encouraging others to learn. Sagittarius is a fire sign, full of spirit and heart and passion and excitement. Willow’s smile is a radiant sun, her love the warmest coals, her fury a blistering inferno, her magical power molten lava. Even when devastated from an unexpected breakup or an untimely death, she’s almost always raw and honest; she may let her emotions overtake her as she drowns her sorrows with booze (Something Blue, S4E9), raises her best friend from the dead (Bargaining: Part One, S6E1), or seeks violent retribution for her girlfriend’s murder (Villains, S6E20), but she doesn’t shut down. Like others of her sign, she also has no filter between her mouth and her thoughts, and is incapable of keeping secrets. As a mutable sign, Willow is always evolving and changing, spreading her feelings everywhere she goes. And Sagittarius, governed by Jupiter, rules the ninth house of travel and exploration, which sounds just like this irrepressible super-witch.

Xander Harris — Libra

Genial and thoughtful, this guy can argue any side of any case. Xander talks a lot and appreciates justice, whether he’s helping the gang serve it to the bad guys or doling out his own when people he loves have been hurt — “kick his ass,” as he tells Buffy in Becoming: Part Two (S2E22). He is the Scales, balanced and fair-minded, weighing the options and concerned with the interpersonal harmony of the group. He knows what’s right and wrong, and he’s got his own opinions, but he can also be talked into things by his persuasive friends, the idealistic Buffy or the fiery Willow or the persistent Anya. As an air sign, Xander is a clever and funny communicator; as a cardinal sign, he’s capable of decisive measures (most beautifully illustrated in The Zeppo, S3E13). Libra, governed by romantic Venus, rules the seventh house of relationships and partnerships — and truly, Xander gets together with more of the major characters than anyone (Cordelia, Willow, Faith *and* Anya). He dates a preening Cordelia and almost marries a less-than-tactful Anya, continually choosing to appreciate their best qualities, even as the others struggle to hide their dislikes. Xander is attractive for this openness and affability, and useful to the group for an airy, lighthearted response to dire situations.

Angel — Cancer

Oh, Angel. The sensitive first love, the doting partner. Literally the most soulful of the bunch, Angel can’t help but brood because of it. But Cancer loves to nurture, and at the end of the day, underneath all the pensiveness, he just wants is to close the door and snuggle up with Buffy. As Angel, he likes to do things to make life better for her, and even as Angelus, Willow recognizes that “You’re still the only thing he thinks about.” (Passion, S2E17) This Crab has a tough outer shell (see: vampire) to protect his vulnerable insides (see: jealousy of other men in Buffy’s life), and comes out pinching when compromised (see: Angelus). Cancer is a water sign, full of emotion, compassion, and depth; Angel’s always good for a romantic gesture, and then to feel hurt when either he or the object of his affection has misinterpreted something. As a cardinal sign, Angel is incredibly focused. He knows what he wants: Buffy. Atonement. Bloodshed. Apocalpyse. Whatever it is, he goes after it. Cancer, governed by the moody Moon, rules the fourth house of home and family. And Angel’s reason for leaving Buffy in The Prom (S3E20)? Because he cares about their domestic reality, and knows that despite the overpowering force of their love, they can’t really have a life together. And there are so many tears.

Daniel “Oz” Osborne — Gemini

Everyone’s favorite diminutive lupine rockstar, Oz has a lot going on. The dueling nature of the Twins in him is strong. He’s amiable and friendly, with a darker animal side he can’t ignore; he’s a quietly intelligent person who spends much time in his head, but has little patience for the structure of high school. And he’s the only Sunnydale sweetheart to skip town for a reason not related to his partner: to synthesize his own duality. “The wolf is inside me all the time, and I don’t know where that line is anymore between me and it.” (Wild at Heart, S4E6) Gemini is an air sign, and while Oz isn’t chatty — in the words of his girlfriend, “I, too, know the love of a taciturn man” (Enemies, S3E17) — he *is* quick with an understated joke, and when he does comment it’s to pithily sum up the situation at hand. As a mutable sign, Oz goes with the flow. He’s independent and adaptable, which is part of what makes him a good partner for the similarly mutable Willow. No couple on the show has more fun; all that expansive energy keeps them encouraging each other to be ever more creative and imaginative. And Gemini, also governed by Mercury, rules the third house of communication and childhood; Oz is candid and goofy and boyish, with zero artifice.

Cordelia Chase — Leo

Nobody loves a spotlight like Cordelia. Self-assured and appearance-oriented, with a brilliant smile and every hair in place, she’s usually on the lookout for attention and applause, and she almost always gets it. A true social monarch, Cordelia glides easily from captaining the cheerleading squad to campaigning for homecoming queen to lecturing her friends about how to get a guy’s attention. But she’s still the Lion — if you mess with her or her people, she won’t hesitate to bare her claws. Witness how she stands up to Harmony and defends Xander in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (S2E16). She’s got her pride too; she refuses to take Xander back after he’s caught cheating with Willow (Lovers Walk, S3E8). As a fire sign, Cordelia speaks from the heart and is never afraid to say what she thinks, and it’s always exciting with her around — as long as she’s the center of everyone’s gaze. As a fixed sign, Cordelia likes to know where she stands, and doesn’t appreciate surprises or uncertainty. She understands she’ll be better off with a man who can love her the way she wants to be admired, not the well-meaning but wavering Xander. And since Leo, governed by the glorious Sun, rules the fifth house of pleasure and romance, this irresistible charmer is never single for long.

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