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  1. This deck is gorgeous and I’m LOVING the key words chosen. I actually have ‘altruism’ down in my notes under the 6 of Pentacles, and the Quetzalcoatl myth brings in all new colorful layers.

    What most dazzled me about this interview was learning that you re-worked some of the first cards, since you developed the heart of the deck as you went along. That’s the forwards and backwards and forwards etc. motion of digestion! It’s a powerful fem/masc blend, and it requires humility to ‘admit’ the ‘going back’ part, since our present culture so over-values the ‘forward production’ part.

    It’s really affirming to hear creators talk about this process. Thank you for this interview!!

  2. Thanks again for sharing your progress Emi, I loved re-reading this and I’m so looking forward to seeing the completed deck. All good wishes for the ‘last’ (well, maybe not) leg of your journey!

  3. thecrescentdaughter says:

    I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this deck before now! It’s incredible – I’ve thought for a long time that I’d love to see a nature deck that acknowledges the very not-fluffy side of things! – ridiculously beautiful, and reading about how much thought has gone into each card was awesome. I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on this one!

    With that in mind; will you have this one for pre-order in your shop anytime soon, Beth? Just trying to figure out if it’s safe to wait until you have copies in stock, or if they’ll all vanish instantly like the Next Worlds did! (Luckily I managed to nab that one from the artist. intense relief)

  4. Kat says:

    I used to want this deck but not since I found out how very many of the cards depict dead animals or stabbed/bleeding suffering animals. And it’s full of birds of prey, doing what they do, killing. These cards make me cringe and feel sick. I’m not into happy, fluffy decks that ignore the dark and distressing side of life, but I would never support a deck like this one that seems to relish animal suffering.

    • Emi Brady says:

      Hi Kat,

      I’m so sorry you feel this way, and understand how you would be triggered by some of the images. This is exactly why I will try to give fair warning about what the deck contains. Preserving the well-being of animals is one of my goals in making this deck, and I do not condone or try to glorify animal suffering.

      I will not deny that this deck is honest about the wide range of experiences animals have in the wild, but I would be doing the subject a disservice if I did not include death and struggle as a part of life. I do not believe any of these images are gratuitous.

      Here are the facts: There one dead animal depicted in 1 card and a total of 4 wounded animals in 3 other cards. The fact that animals eat each other is alluded to (but never shown) in 6 cards. The only references to death in the Major Arcana are a few clean skulls. The original Death card was indeed violent, but I have since replaced it with an image that only depicts animal skulls. I still have 10 to go, and I foresee only one card that could possibly have any kind of suffering in it (the 9 of Arrows / Swords).

      Perhaps that’s too much hardship for a deck for some, but it feels just about right to me. I’ve always felt that a good reading bites back sometimes.


      Emi Brady

      • Kat says:

        Thank you for your explanation. I almost thought of buying your deck and removing the offensive cards, the brutal and bloody ones. Your artwork is incredible and I do love it.
        But, I look at the Polar Bear on the “Defeat” card that Beth has in this post. A starved, deathly wounded and bleeding polar bear does not say “defeat” to me; it says death and torture, starvation, isolation, incredible suffering.
        I see hawks in my yard killing the small mammals and other birds. It’s gruesome. Nature is a brutal world.
        I don’t watch the news because I don’t want to be bombarded and overwhelmed by the negativity. I know it’s out there. But I don’t want it in my psyche 24 hours a day.
        Sorry, but I feel the same way about your cards. It’s such a shame because the moment I saw your deck last year, I felt sure it was what I had been looking for for so long–non-human themed and stunning art work.
        Nope, still don’t want to see dead, tortured, bleeding animals.
        I’ll have to keep looking for a nature/animal themed deck that isn’t quite as harsh and upsetting (to me) as yours.
        I do have strong empathic qualities. I feel such sorrow and despair when I look at some of your cards.
        I’m probably in the minority and I’m sure most are anticipating the release of your deck.
        All the best,

      • For me, the illustrations in a tarot deck are about bigger things than what is literally being depicted – it’s good to begin interpreting cards from a literal ‘say what you see’ perspective, but there’s always more going on.

        A wounded polar bear speaks of the gravity of that defeat (a polar bear? Such a huge and powerful beast?) and it raises questions – who shot those arrows? Why? For me it’s not about cruelty, but is a gruesome and powerful statement on the self-defeating element of the Five of Swords. (Humans harming nature, polar bears being a particularly timely symbol of that – who is ultimately losing in this ‘battle’?)

        Because we can’t actually take the pain of this card out of the tarot – tarot contains pain and suffering because those things are part of life. It’s hard to imagine how this deck might be illustrated if it didn’t contain depictions of pain.

        I absolutely believe that we all have to take responsibility for what we allow through our filters (where possible) – there are days I can’t face the news, the suffering in the world. But I need to know that my tarot deck is capable of showing me sadness and pain and death, because that’s where I turn for honest conversations.

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