Blog updates..

As I wrote yesterday, I’m feeling a really strong urge to step away from the computer right now, and to prioritise real-world experiences over digital things. 

Not that I think my online life isn’t real. The stuff that happens on Little Red Tarot, Autostraddle, Twitter, and in my inbox is all incredibly real and important to me. But too much screen time is hurting me right now, and I need to work on that.

A few updates…

Despite my own need to reduce my laptop-time, the blog will be busy as ever! I’m proud to be hosting some amazing guest posts next week – two of which continue the conversation we’ve been having about navigating the obstacles to entrepreneurship created by unreliable mental health and physical illness. I’m honoured that professional tarot reader Siobhan Renee, and writer Esme Wang have both contributed amazing essays to this conversation, which will be published on Monday and Tuesday.

Later in the week Cassandra’s Queering the Tarot continues with Strength, and on Friday… well on Friday, who knows.

Meanwhile a bumper edition of weekend reading will go up tomorrow. Expect double the usual awesome links round-up to make up for last weekend’s missing post.

I also have big news!

Tomorrow (Sunday), I’m moving to Edinburgh! Just for a month. Em has a job there, and I’m tagging along for a month in a new city. We’ve got a cute Air BnB in Leith and I’m excited about playing house, having a bath (I don’t have one on the boat) and generally getting to hang out with the love of my life, who I’ve barely seen this year.

I also hope to use this time-out to break some of my unhealthy work habits and figure out new ways of living and working that honour all of me.


As for the shop…

There have been some delays getting the new edition of the Wild Unknown Tarot, but I’m told my order has now been shipped! To everyone who has pre-ordered – your deck is on its way to me, and will be posted the day I get it in stock! I expect this to be within one week. Thank you for your patience.

The Nomad Tarot and the Wooden Tarot will also be in stock soon, both by popular request and in good time for Christmas. I also have some gorgeous handmade beeswax candles and other treats to launch in December. Expect an email announcement when it’s all in stock!

That’s all for now. Have a fun weekend!

Beth x

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  1. Kim says:

    Hi Beth, I think it’s just healthy to dial back work activities (esp computer work) after a big push to get things going. Everyone needs downtime at some point. Anyhow, Little Red is one of my favourite blogs so I’m happy that there will be guest posts while you take a break. I hope you enjoy Edinburgh!

  2. tango says:

    Enjoy your time in Edinburgh! Especially the bath tub!! (There’s not one on the Ebb & Flow either.) You more than deserve a getaway and time with your lady love. <3

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