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  1. i’m honestly really hurt by the implication in this post that my PCOS and endometriosis-related menorrhagia isn’t a good enough reason not to love getting my period. when i bled, i was in screaming pain, badly anemic, and unable to go anywhere because i’d bleed through a super-plus tampon and an overnight pad in less than half an hour. getting a hormonal IUD is one of the best things i ever did for myself, physically, and i’m not less witchy because of it.

    • Ruby says:

      I was about to say the exact same things you did here. I’m glad that the author’s experience with their body is good enough that they can describe their menses in positive, poetic language, but as a nurse and as a woman whose life was controlled and hindered by the severity and volume of my menstrual flow, I feel like there are a few points here that have been missed.

      • Paypal Xanax says:

        I appreciate that people mentioned this… My life has been so much easier since getting an IUD and not bleeding 1/100th as I had in the few months since.

      • jendireiter says:

        Yes, ditto to Ruby and Ubenet’s comments. For the same medical reasons as you, there’s no way for me to have a positive relationship to my menstrual cycle, though I’m glad that some people do. It’s a fine line between sharing positive ideas and implying that there is a “right” way for feminists and witchy people to feel about our periods. (Is the IUD better than the Pill for endometriosis? I’m infertile so I only use the Pill for pain relief, not birth control. PM me at Can You Buy Xanax Vietnam if this is not relevant to anyone else on this thread!)

        • hi all of you. thank you for your comments. its definitely not at all my intention to pass judgement on anyone for making a particular choice with their body. and i agree with you that its a fine line between being supportive and implying judgement. for me, i feel like i have conversations with people regularly about periods being gross or inconvenient – which i think is different from excruciatingly painful. i fully support all people to make the choices that make the most sense in their bodies, and i think i should have emphasized that more than i did in this post.

          i want people who have been socialized to feel the ‘ick’ factor around their moontime to be able to unlearn and rewild in their bodies. that was the intention of this post, to provide a celebratory and critical perspective of something that many people feel shame about. i also want to state that i don’t have a totally positive relationship with my moon time either. i am usually knocked off my feet in pain on the first day so its not a simple or non-dynamic relationship for sure. either way i appreciate all of your feedback and when/if i write about this topic again i will be sure to give greater emphasis to the wide range of experiences people can have in how they relate to their bleeding.

  2. First and foremost, I love talking about menstruation! I’ll just throw that out there. When my moontide shifts to flow, I feel like the Empress crossed by the 3 of Swords..or sometimes more like the 10 of Swords.

    While there are many valid reasons for a menstruating person to choose to stop bleeding and it’s important to communicate that stopping doesn’t lessen any facet of that person – it’s also really important to pass on the beauty & potential of bleeding. I love conceptualizing menstruation as ritual. I like to think of it as a sort of retrograde, a time for reviewing & releasing. (Especially because, if I don’t pay reverence to that aspect of my cycle, I blaze forward as a compassion-lacking micro-manager for a few days before I come to my senses and dish out apologies.)

  3. This is a beautiful article. As a woman who has a times railed against my own menstruation, had my menstruation stopped and my breasts produce milk through life sapping medication, I’m now at that wistful life stage of irregular, probably soon to end menstruation and Maidenhood.
    I agree that our children should be taught the sacred nature of bleeding, and that recognising and embracing it’s ebb and flow is beautiful, and natural and empowering.

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