Believing magic: Affirmations for survivors


Your body is your own.

You are right sized.
You cannot be tarnished by another’s touch.
What you did to survive in your body was wise and necessary.
Being able to leave your body is a magical skill.
Deep breaths will bring you back, when you are ready.
You are allowed to protect your home.
Seek nourishment.
You deserve to take up space.
Create a nest of safety.


Your heart is your own.

It’s ok to be broken.
Your messiness is sacred.
Your emotional labour is magic.
Your tears are setting you free.
You deserve to be loved: with caring actions and sweet words.
Find people who will listen and believe.
You deserve loving witnesses who want to see you heal.
You deserve to be held.
It’s normal to miss the people who hurt you.


Your warmth is your own.

You choose whose hands are held at your hearth.
Your rage is sacred.
Your pain is fuel for your passion.
Your anger lights the way.
Go ahead, burn bridges.
Set your cage ablaze.
Your rage is a gift to keep you safe.
You deserve protection.
You are not responsible for the comfort of others.


You deserve to be believed.

The people who believe you will make themselves known.
The people who don’t don’t deserve you.
It matters how your story is told and who tells it.
It’s normal to be confused about the details.
What others believe does not define your story.
Your story is a force of nature.
You’re allowed to hold a truth that is painful to someone else.
You deserve to define yourself, on your terms.
You are allowed to say goodbye to people who don’t believe you.

If these affirmations speak to you, you may be interested in the e-zine I curated “we believe you: femmes surviving toxic masculinity”. The zine is a 100+ page multi-media cauldron of diverse femme magical genius.

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    • Sarah says:

      Okay, those were supposed to be hearts! I guess I can say it with words: thanks so much for these, they’re perfect.

    • Andi says:

      thanks all of you for your sweet comments. i must say i wrote this because *i* need to hear it. on a daily basis. i’ve been very lucky to have a super supportive partner and amazing counsellor as well as some solid friends who have really helped me keep remembering how important all this is. but i will admit, it’s not easy! please know all of you are in my heart and i really appreciate your sweet and supportive comments <3

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