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  1. Mecca says:

    Just tried this reading for myself and whoa did it hit home. Thanks for this. You rock as always!

  2. NOVA2BKNY says:

    Beth this is great. I may have to try this out as a second step in thinking through my current process of finding the right things to devote my time to this summer. I did my own self-assessment spread (shared on ATN) that ended up centering on the Wheel of Fortune.

    • NOVA2BKNY says:

      Instead I used this spread to think about my goals for being on the Board of the LBGTQ student group at my graduate program using the Gorgon’s Tarot. And wow did some things come up as I aimed for goals related to the High Priestess as card 6. The spread reminded me that I have companions in this process who will test, aid, and strengthen me (the 5 of Wands at card 1 leading to the 7 of Wands at card 5) and that I have lots of information to work with (the Blind Gorgon at card 3) that will push me towards my goal with a little extra insight (4 of Cups at card 7). Seeing the 4 of cups tied it all back to five months ago when I drew the card while feeling under-motivated and lost in multiple projects. I found the insight I needed then, and this time I have my friends from the 5 of Wands to help me figure it out.

  3. I was saving this for the right day, and tried it out just now. VERY powerful result! My base cards were the battle-hardened 9 of wands with Temperance and the 5 of wands opposing one another on each side. Definitely felt that, as I am trying to reach a balance with my life and health right now, and prepare for what’s to come, even as stupid distractions keep feeling like they’re getting in my way. My “begin now” cards were the 4 of swords and the Hanged Man, so super reinforcing the importance of taking time to think things out first and be patient before I leap into the next phase of my life. I definitely have been feeling impatient lately, so I took those cards to heart. My goal card (also not picked out ahead of time) was the 2 of wands, which I almost started crying about when I saw, because what I really want and have been working towards in my life right now is gaining some real independence in every meaning of the word, and getting back some personal power and fierce confidence, reinforced by the Knight of Wands charging across that goal card. So many wands in that reading!

    Basically I really want to move already and start working and living on my own in a big city again, and I’ve been going crazy knowing that I’m not there yet, so this was a great reminder both of the resources I have that will get me there, and that it will happen even if I have to be patient a little longer.

  4. Wow Beth, just reading the title of this post inspired me to “begin now, with what I have” and make some changes with my offerings that feel really good and fresh!

    I haven’t even done the reading yet 🙂 I’ll get to it tonight!

    Thanks a million.

  5. Saricchiella says:

    I just tried it, and I agree with Samantha: VERY powerful results!

    I’m taking baby steps with a new project about teaching programming to children, which was my main resolution this year (thinking about working on my own). My base cards were the 3 of swords, the Fool in the middle, and the High Priestess. The Fool was the leap of faith I’m ready to take for this. The 3 of swords shows the thorn of my past jobs, where I didn’t fit in completely, and always felt misplaced somehow (this came with heavy impostor syndrome and destruction of self confidence). And the beautiful High Priestess, as I read this very evening in your blog, talks about finding my true self, discovering and accepting what I am and finding a job that makes me felt complete and valid.

    The two action cards were the Magician, pushing me to do something, telling me that I already have the tools and I only need my WILL; and the six of pentacles, telling me to share my ideas so they can blossom (I used the Shadowscapes deck, and it’s just that!). I’m recruiting a dear friend for the project, and now I know that it’s the only way I can make it work.

    My goal card (not chosen) was the king of pentacles, the mentor of pentacles (PERFECT fit for a programming teacher, if you ask me!), and it was reinforced by the queen of pentacles, the artist, which reminded me that I will find the creative part I’ve been missing in my jobs, and that I can be nurturing and cheerful and caring without being seen as weak or unprofessional.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this spread, Beth, it was very enlightening, and I love the results 🙂

  6. N says:

    Wow. Seriously powerful, and I’m just a novice at this reading for only two months now!

    I used the Wildwood Tarot, asking if dream work was a path I should follow. I got the following cards:

    1. Four of Arrows (reversed); 2. 15 The Guardian; 3. Seven of Vessels; 4. Eight of Arrows; 5. King of Stones; 6. Queen of Bows; 7. King of Bows.

    I haven’t even started interpreting yet, but this spread feels heavy but interesting and gives me chills in a good way. And talk about a theme – two bows and two arrows cards, as well as three court cards and death/Guardian.

    If you have any insights, I’d be pleased to hear them! Thank you so much for so freely sharing this spread 🙂

  7. Rosie says:

    I have never done a tarot spread before. Where would I even purchase a deck of cards and learn to use them?

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