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  1. Lara says:

    I agree, thank you for your helpful steps and making it feel like a real possibility to grasp all this information and use it!

  2. Nosgo says:

    I’m only catching up on this now, thanks to Beth to remind me about it with her annual survey 😀 I would like to thank you Tabby for your work and time, for sharing your passion with us. It was really helpful! I would like to know if one day you could add a Astro DIY article on which are your favorite books/Websites/podcast/Whatever on astrology? (maybe with a difficulty level associated like beginner/intermediate/advanced…). Take care

    • Laura says:

      Yes please! I second this. The number of astrology books is overwhelming and it’s hard to guess which book would be best alongside this course just going by Amazon reviews and things.

  3. Do you have this in a book? I am really lost still. I have the chart and I have written everything down (as in the pictures)… but… Any tips on how to better understand it, or just go back through?? I am new to ALL of this, so any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    • Tabby says:

      Hey Jenna, we don’t have it in a book format yet but we’re aiming to turn the series into an e-book so you can easily print it out and work through/go back to things. If you’re subscribed to the Little Red Tarot newsletter then you should get notified when that happens! 🙂

      In terms of tips – definitely making notes about things as you go and re-reading the parts you’re confused about, or looking online for other sources to help with your learning. There are lots of astrology books out there that you can buy to help you with understanding and interpreting charts and to be honest practice and looking at them regularly is the best way to learn and retain the information I reckon!

      Let me know if there’s anything particular you’re having trouble with. If it’s more around understanding what your own chart means and interpreting it, then looking up specific areas of your chart that you want to learn more about online or in books and making notes is a good way to get a deeper understanding eg. searching ‘moon in libra’ or ‘sun square saturn’. And learning more about each individual part of a chart (planets, houses, signs, aspects) so it’s easier for you to understand the combinations.

      Astro.com also has an interactive portrait chart under their free horoscopes and you can click on different parts of the chart and get little interpretations of that part. Just remember when you use something like that that there will be contradictions because it’s a computer doing the reading not a human, so it can’t show which influences are stronger etc. Getting a professional astrology reading is also a great way to learn more about your own chart if you have that option! Good luck! x

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