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  1. chloetarot says:

    Lucky you, getting your deck early. Did you meet up with them or something? I was in on the fundraising campaign, but no sign of my deck yet… Will look forward to oohing and aahing when it does arrive 😀

    • I got a pre-launch deck because I was supportive of the project when they did the Kickstarter and we just kinda kept in touch throughout the production, so it was a little (well, big!) thank you gift – and also so that I can do a review just before it goes live 🙂

      Yours should be with you soon Chloe (I’ve seen some apologies on the kickstarter page because of unavoidable production delays – it was originally due Feb as you probably know!)

      It’s well worth the wait, I promise you – it’s got flashing silver gilded edges and every detail, card stock, box, feels ‘quality’.

      • chloetarot says:

        That does sound gorgeous! I’m in no hurry, anyway, as I’ve a lot going on 🙂

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