An early peek at The Fountain Tarot

I’m being restrained.

The Fountain Tarot isn’t due out for another two weeks and I’m saving my review till then to help publicise it in the best-timed way. (Though please note, you can pre-order!)

But oh my. It’s pretty. And I just have to quickly share a few favourite cards with you now to brighten up a grey and rainy Tuesday. I can already tell you this deck is going to be a favourite here on the blog.

Enjoy 🙂


Queen of Coins and Queen of Swords


Four of Coins and Page of Cups


The High Priestess and Ten of Cups


The Hierophant and Two of Swords


The deck has an extra major card – The Fountain.


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  1. chloetarot says:

    Lucky you, getting your deck early. Did you meet up with them or something? I was in on the fundraising campaign, but no sign of my deck yet… Will look forward to oohing and aahing when it does arrive 😀

    • Beth says:

      I got a pre-launch deck because I was supportive of the project when they did the Kickstarter and we just kinda kept in touch throughout the production, so it was a little (well, big!) thank you gift – and also so that I can do a review just before it goes live 🙂

      Yours should be with you soon Chloe (I’ve seen some apologies on the kickstarter page because of unavoidable production delays – it was originally due Feb as you probably know!)

      It’s well worth the wait, I promise you – it’s got flashing silver gilded edges and every detail, card stock, box, feels ‘quality’.

      • chloetarot says:

        That does sound gorgeous! I’m in no hurry, anyway, as I’ve a lot going on 🙂

    • Beth says:

      My pleasure – I just couldn’t resist, it felt mean to keep em to myself. Great you’ve got one coming!

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