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  1. I don’t really believe in predicting the future There are of course stories which can make me doubt but I see Tarot as a self development tool. I’ve called this deck of cards once my cardboard therapist 😀
    I do think it can provide us with options or new ways of thinking and other perspectives. And just to be on the safe side: I don’t ask questions about what is going to happen 😀

    • Little Red says:

      I agree with your comment that tarot is a self-development tool, Ellen – very much because it provides us with those alternative perspectives.
      The reason I don’t believe tarot can predict the future is because I don’t personally believe in one path or one ‘future’… still I love hearing stories of psychic readers who do predict 🙂

  2. Thank you for these suggestions. I am in the same boat, and perspective, as you and often struggle with what to DO with those positions. I usually have fumbled with the “generally where things are headed if you stay on this course” but as you said the whole REST of the reading is telling me that. I like the idea of the advice card or the more open “here’s what you need to know.” I also like the idea of pulling an oracle card for that position.

  3. Ted says:

    I’m really new to the tarot and just starting to read for people I know (mostly). So I’m really new at this. But it really stands out for me how many people *want* an outcome; a yes/no answer; a “what should I do for who is unhappy?” (which, IMO, is asking about the other person). Maybe because I’m new at it, and if we’re talking and I offer to pull a card or 2 for them, they’re kind of put on-the-spot and default to what they really believe tarot cards are about — fortunetelling. (“Um…will I be travelling this year?”) So we work on the question: “If you knew that, what would be different in your life? Maybe that’s what your question is really about?”

    OTOH, I read an online post from an experienced reader who considers herself psychic and able to to read the future, and she once told a client that her (the client’s) life was going to hellinahandcart and she’d be living on the streets in a year. Five years later the client came back: she’d cleaned up her life, happy, partnered, working at a job she really really likes, feels great about life. (Interestingly, the reader figured she’d failed as a reader, because she should have seen the client’s change coming down the pipe…)

    • Wow – that is the power of hearing your future – amazing!

      It is of course absolutely up to each individual reader how they do tarot, and I know most people are happy with an ‘outcome’ card – they just never sat well with me personally.

  4. Love this, people telling me they too don’t feel tarot can predict the future is what brought me back to tarot – I grew up with tarot around and it was magical, however I never once (even as a kid) felt anyone knew my future, especially if I didn’t. Therefore it was lost to me and I continued to get decks from time to time but for their artwork only. I did however continue to use my Medicine Cards occasionally. Then this year I came back and found blogs and people like yourself, which has been a massive turning point. Especially with my training and background I truly believe that we need to encourage responsibility and not remove things from ourselves like our power of decision and choice.

    Thank you for the replacement Idea’s, I have been changing the outcome to a helpful energy card but its nice to have more options. I’ll be more inclined to try some more spreads too.

  5. Nabil Blaeser says:

    I like the idea of the “where the situation is heading” card, and I guess that’s how I’ve been reading these outcome cards. I don’t feel like we can fully predict the future, but maybe we can get glimpses of possible futures.

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