Altar | Autumn Equinox is my new year

Altar | Autumn Equinox, waxing moon, the lessons of my year.

Beth –

This year
has been a strange one.
But now

the season is shifting.

Wind blowing in the trees. Windows open, cool and dark. Awakening. Autumn calls.

What have you learned this year?
What will you take with you now, on this new journey of decay, of furling back inwards?
What will you compost
as the darkness creeps slowly in
and the full moon shines a new and silvery light
over everything you know?


Your body knows the answers.
Your body remembers the answers.

You have been gifted  many tools this year. Use them

The Empress, from the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.


Make space
for the answers to arrive.

Practice feeling Not Urgent

Honour your internal rhythms.

Clear Welsh quartz, formed over millennia, over generations, in the belly of this land.


Total honesty
about what you desire.

Honour, own and celebrate your wishes, hopes, dreams.

Centre this desire
in all choices.

The Daughter of Wands, from Thea’s Tarot by Ruth West.


Everything is connected.
Join the dots and keep unpacking the puzzle of capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy
and the ways you are complicit.

Question and Challenge.

Full Moon Potion, witchcrafted by Sarah Gottesdiener and Dori Midnight

On this autumn equinox, my personal new year, my most precious moment of reflection, I commit to these learnings. I commit to digging deeper, to exploring further, to finding my way towards truly integrating this budding wisdom.

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