A tarot spread for moving forward

My previous post described an exercise where I mapped out a story surrounding one card drawn at random from the deck.

What this also meant was that I had begun to create a spread. The numbers of cards in each ‘section’ or position had come about semi-randomly, as I’d pulled everything out of the deck that instinctively associated with the centre card (Six of Swords) and then grouped them. To create a more ordered spread, I decided to go with two cards in each position. I also made the surrounding ‘what’s happening’ cards into two more definite positions – possible negatives and things to watch out for, and hopes – where the querent hopes the situation will go. Finally, I added an outcome card (I couldn’t resist.) Ten cards. A tarot spread for moving forward

Like the Celtic Cross spread, this one uses many cards to analyse a situation from different viewpoints. I like the way that it has two different cards for what might normally be single positions. Jointly they may shed more light than singly, and I hope this will encourage me to see links and patterns and things in common between cards, or two perspectives on one aspect of the situation.


The spread is about moving a situation forward – finding a way to move things on. The central card is the root of a situation about which the querent is asking what’s influencing where I’m at? How can I progress?

Here are the positions:

1. Centre card. The situation centres around this.

2. Possible negatives, fears, things to watch out for.

3. What is hoped for. What are your motivations?

4. (two cards) What are you actually doing?

5. (two cards) The back story. Where are you coming from?

6. (two cards) What influences or energies need to be incorporated into the situation.

7. An outcome.

I designed my first spread! All very well, but it needs a test-drive now…

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