A little more each day – Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles traditionally shows a guy hard at work making pentacles, his finished work hanging beside him as he chips away at the next.

With this card, you don’t get the impression that this chap jumped out of bed that morning and went ‘yeah! I’m gonna make eight pentacles today!’ It’s a card of perseverence and work, committing yourself to your task and enjoying it and believing in it enough to do a little more every day.

It can represent labour in the physical sense; a craft like the pentacle-maker in the picture, or it can stand for perserveranceand hard work in any sense; working towards any goal.

Eight of pentacles tarot card - World Spirit Tarot

Eight of Pentacles, from the World Spirit Tarot by Jessica Godino & Lauren O’Leary

I like this illustration from the World Spirit Tarot best – it shows someone working hard at their craft, but includes the role of the teacher watching over their shoulder. I also like the kid holding onto the guy’s arm – to me it’s like she’s his inspiration. Or she could be the next generation, to whom he will pass on his craft once he has mastered it. So we have three generations of crafter here.

Either way, this card shows a labour of love.

It says ‘there are no quick fixes’, and reminds me that to achive my goals, commitment, persistence and hard work are required.

Due to a combination of moving house, summer fun, having no internet for weeks at a time (I’m sat in a wifi cafe right now!) and being involved in a couple of time-consuming projects, I’ve not been feeling very bloggy over the past few months. (I should also not pretend a new-found addiction to Parks and Recreation hasn’t played a role…) I’m in the middle of the TABI endorsement programme, so Tarot is still playing a big role in my life, but I’ve not felt any urge to spend extra time on the computer. Still, I’ve missed regularly writing about tarot and the learning opportunities this provides. And recently it’s been *cold* (the coldest UK summer in twenty years, apparently) and as I’ve laid fires and snuggled up with Tina Fey these past couple of nights, I’ve found myself fancying a bit more blog-time.

One Tarot blogger I really admire is Chloe McKraken. Come rain or shine, I’m treated to a short, sweet post every day, usually introducing me to a deck/card I’ve never seen before.

How is Chloe so disciplined about blogging every day?

Does she get up half an hour early each day specifically to do this? Or, as a professional Tarot reader, is it a necessary part of her working day? Is she strict with herself, or does it come naturally? The majority of Chloe’s posts take a very simple form. She draws a daily card, describes its image in detail, and from this, draws her own interpretation. It’s throught-provoking, always feels fresh, and keeps her Tarot learning (and the learning of her readers) moving forwards. I find the reglularity of these posts comforting. Chloe also finishes each interpretation with a gratitude related to the card’s meaning. Which means that this woman finds something to be grateful for Every Day. Which I think is awesome!

Reading Chloe’s posts reminds me that I am someone who benefits from a little routine in my life.

Not too much of course, but to accomplish something simple like this each day would probably do me good. I’m all to familiar with the scenario where we say ‘it’s a whole new me! I’m gonna do xxx every day from now on!’ and three days later it’s like ‘ummm….’ But this isn’t about flashy resolutions or the inevitable guilt-trips – it’s about channelling a little of that Eight of Pentacles thing, and applying a little more of myself each day to keep my Tarot learning on a roll. I want to have the self dicipline and commitment to find time each day to sit down, draw a card, and spend a moment really focusing on this one thing. I think it’ll do me good.

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  1. Chloe says:

    What a lovely post – and not just because of your kind comments 😉 Glad to hear you’ve been away at least in part due to having summer fun. And that you’re still enjoying endorsement. As for the Eight of Pentacles, I agree this is a lovely depiction. Sometimes it just looks like a lot of hard work, without much personal craft involved. But I think that even practice runs should include our heart and passion, otherwise how can we hope to find the enthusiasm to continue "a little more each day"? 😀

  2. Sarah says:

    I really liked this description of 8 of pentacles. 8 of stones – from the Wildwood Tarot – was my daily draw today, and reading this helped me get to know this card better. I really love your blog, and your column on Autostraddle. Thank you for sharing your insights and perspectives.

  3. I just picked this card today in response to my question: what energy will help me cultivate more magic in 2016?” I really resonate with your interpretation of it as a labour of love. I am an illustrator and this continual perseverance is so important for creative and career development for me. Connecting this labour of love with magic makes the act of work seem so special and born out of a devoted heart. Thank you!

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