A kinder Two of Swords

Here’s a beautiful take on the Two of Swords

It’s from the Gorgon’s Tarot, by Dolores Fitchie – a long-awaited deck that has *just* been published by Schiffer Books. More on this to come – perhaps when I’ve day-tripped down to London town to take tea and cake with Dodo herself…

For now, a single card:

Two of Swords from the Gorgon's Tarot
Two of Swords from the Gorgon’s Tarot

I often see the Two of Swords as being emotionally closed-off, self-protective to the point of a deep and solitary sadness. But Dolores takes a kinder approach in her description of this card, suggesting that this woman has purposefully and perhaps wisely withdrawn in order to think through a difficult predicament.

The suggestion is that this is a fine thing to do, provided it does not go on for too long, and Dolores makes me laugh when she writes “With any luck, her two guardians will gently nip her toes, to bring her back from her introspection if she gives any signs of overstretching her withdrawal period.”

It is a soft, gentle, quiet card, and it feels to me very much like The Star – a period of solitude before arriving calmly at a peaceful place, with a renewed sense of perspective. Dolores also describes the benevolent moon who watches over the figure, “throwing a mantle of protective light on her shoulders.”

It’s nice to have a kindly take on this card, reminding me that its okay to be quiet some times, it’s okay to go within, to put up boundaries, to let people know you are ‘not to be disturbed’.

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  1. I see this card as the “Shut the hell up so I can hear myself think” card. It’s a moment of peace, to find balance. She’s removed herself from everyone else, dragged her chair out to the middle of nowhere and blindfolded herself so she can focus. Mmmhmm. I like it.

    Good post, sweets.

  2. Ellen says:

    Hi Beth, great post and beautiful card. I am looking forward to see more of this deck.
    This is the way I often interpret the two of swords myself. A moment between breaths, a pause, a stillness and then you can decide. Sometimes it takes longer but mostly a few moments to find a thoughtful respond instead of an impulsive reaction you will regret later on

  3. Joanne says:

    I sense this deep relationship with the High Priestess, with the arms crossed, yes, but not in the defensive way usually used. Hmmm. Round cards. Will have to think about that one. Shades of the Motherpeace? Tarot.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Joanne!
      Yes, Dolores was influenced by her first deck, the Motherpeace Tarot, which was circular.
      I like the connection with the High Priestess – the ability to focus on the inner and forget the outer. In this deck, the High Priestess looks rather laid-back and glamorous, casually leaning on the arm of a chair 🙂

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