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  1. I see this card as the “Shut the hell up so I can hear myself think” card. It’s a moment of peace, to find balance. She’s removed herself from everyone else, dragged her chair out to the middle of nowhere and blindfolded herself so she can focus. Mmmhmm. I like it.

    Good post, sweets.

  2. Hi Beth, great post and beautiful card. I am looking forward to see more of this deck.
    This is the way I often interpret the two of swords myself. A moment between breaths, a pause, a stillness and then you can decide. Sometimes it takes longer but mostly a few moments to find a thoughtful respond instead of an impulsive reaction you will regret later on

    • Hey Joanne!
      Yes, Dolores was influenced by her first deck, the Motherpeace Tarot, which was circular.
      I like the connection with the High Priestess – the ability to focus on the inner and forget the outer. In this deck, the High Priestess looks rather laid-back and glamorous, casually leaning on the arm of a chair 🙂

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