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  1. Looking forward to your series Alexis! Where can I find your Plant Ally Spread? I’ll check your website.

    Are you familiar with Michael Tierra’s Herbal Tarot deck? I got it when I was new to tarot and had no familiarity with herbalism or plant medicine. Wondering if you have any opinions on it.

    • Hiya, Kristen!

      Thanks so much for your kind words! You can find my post on the Wild Tongue Tarot Spread here: Alprazolam Purchase Online.

      As for the Herbal Tarot, I don’t own a copy of it and haven’t had much experience with it. I know there are folks who deeply love the deck and especially the companion guide. For those who don’t know, Tierra assigned an herb to each card of the Herbal Tarot. I’m not sure what his method for choosing the herbs was, but it would be fun to explore if you already have the deck. Tierra runs the East West School of Herbology which has a lot of excellent free resources for those wanting to learn more about herbalism.

  2. lynne says:

    I have the Collective Tarot deck, too (so wonderful!), but I thought the Mentor corresponded with the King in the traditional deck, and the Artist with the Queen? I mostly just want to make sure I’m reading them right when I look at other resources for their meanings.

    • Hiya, Lynne!

      You may very well be right – I don’t have my Collective Tarot with me right at the moment so I can’t check. I know that I read the energies of most Kings and Queens in any given deck interchangeably, paying attention to the other cards around them to figure out what sort of personality is shining through (which is not super useful advice if you’re trying to make a strict correspondence system, I recognize this). In short, the Kings and Queens or Artists and Mentors represent two different aspects of maturity and experience and how we express or share that maturity and experience with others. You might pay attention to both recommended flower essences when pulling either the King or Queen in a reading and choose whichever one better suits the situation at hand. So in one deck the King may represent the energies of the Artist who expressing their wisdom through performance and/or demonstration of skill, while in another deck the King carries more of the energy of the mentor who welcomes others into their care and direct tutelage.

      I hope that is useful, but let me know if you need further clarification. Good question!

    • Buying Xanax says:

      Hey Lynne, you’re absolutely right – in The Collective Tarot, artist corresponds with the traditional queen, mentor with king. So you’re totally on the right track with your own studies.

      (And to avoid any confusion in forthcoming posts in this series, Alexis and I can clarify how courts will be named 🙂

      • lynne says:

        Thanks! I am really new to studying tarot, so I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t “doing it wrong”. Ha!

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