Beltane: fruit and fools

It’s Beltane. The celebration of fire and fertility, of blossoming and light.

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks I’ve barely had time to draw breath, let alone cards. But it’s all been about bringing things to fruition and suddenly, this week, there’s fruit bursting everywhere.

Womb fruits

Emma and I are planning a family – and as a same-sex couple that’s not particularly straightforward. There has been paperwork, meetings, registrations, research. The strange excitement and nervousness of approaching a potential sperm donor. The sudden confrontation of the fact that we will need to be civil partners in order to be recognised as equal parents of our child. Long and heartfelt discussions about our politics, our beliefs, our reasons for parenting, our emotional and physical needs. All to bring about something that for many people can happen completely by accident!

Shop fruits

A few months ago, I designed myself some jewellery. I liked it so much, that I decided to start selling it. From formalising designs to finding a small-scale manufacturer (my boat-neighbour, so it happens!), creating moulds to okay-ing the first production run, finally yesterday a small box of beautiful pewter pendants was placed in my hands. More on this very soon!

Word fruits

I’m so excited to have a tarot column at my very very very favourite website starting next week…I don’t want to jinx it by shouting too loudly just yet, but for me, this is where I get to take my tarot to a new level, to reach a wider audience. I approached Autostraddle months ago, but it’s only this week I’ve been given my first deadline and the go-ahead to get started. And guess what? Now I have what I want, I’m sick with nerves.

Life fruits

As if all of the above wasn’t life! Emma and I had news this week that makes our planned move to Manchester that little bit more real. So on Saturday we’re off to Salford to check out some top-secret moorings amidst the concrete jungle we’ve both been craving so bad. Whoop!

Anyway! That’s enough fruit. Let’s have a card, please. My question? How can I contain all of this juicy, exciting, scary organic produce of wonderfulness and move through next week with my heart, mind and spirit in tact (read ‘and not go bonkers’)?

And guess what I drew?

The Fool. For reals.


Thank you, tarot, thank you so much. I was hoping for calmness, for solitude, for a Four of Swords or a Hermit to permit me to tuck myself away and have studious, quiet times.

But no. Leaping off cliffs it is. Risks and joy and blind-but-oh-so-beautiful faith.

Only one thing I can say to that really.

Bring it.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I guess you will need his eager enthusiasm to enjoy all these wonderful fruits.
    I wish you all the best of luck with all these new exciting opportunities 🙂

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