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  1. Elle says:

    I’m Libra rising and the scenarios you gave in this article really resonated for me.

    Very interesting!



  2. Tracy says:

    Hmm, I have a Leo descendant, and a Leo North Node and a Leo husband, is this trying to tell my crabby sun something about coming out of my shell?????

    • Luke Dani Blue says:

      lol yes 🙂 If by crabby sun, you mean you’re a Cancer…then your chart (and your hopefully encouraging and expressive Leo husband!) are telling you to share your creative Cancerian talents and flaunt those feels!

      • Tracy Willans says:

        That Leo Husband has a lot of Virgo in his mix so he has his own stuff to work on. Uranus in the 7th house also makes the mix that much more exciting. And also Pluto and Virgo after the 7th slips into Virgo. So all in all a whole barrel of fun going on there

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