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One comment

  1. Now this is a card I have very mixed feelings about! So many different takes on it, and I never like the purely positive (so unrealistic). I remember having the long, blue cloth pointed out to me, too, once. I always saw this guy as rather smug – "look at all the cups I’ve got!" – and then the suggestion is, but what might be ready to jump out and bite you in the arse? :DAnother take on the card is the "make a wish" thing. Most people seem to go for the positive spin – it’s the wish card, you’re going to get something emotionally fulfilling. I even know one person who sees it as the "nooky" card 😉 Still, in the Ma’at Tarot it’s shown with someone blowing a dandelion head, and the seeds drift out over a sea of yellow, as the field has been completely taken over! A reminder to "be careful what you wish for"!

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