Over 40 exercises for tarot blog inspiration

Do you write a tarot blog or journal?

If so, the Alternative Tarot Course is just made for you. 

It’s an eight-week course in getting to know your cards in your own unique way, and is packed with over 40 exercises and tarot spreads you can use to explore your cards.

Gift tarot readings
Gift tarot readings

The course was designed not only for beginners, but for anyone who wants to get creative with their tarot cards. There are shedloads of journalling prompts and step-by-step exercises covering all kinds of topics.


Storytelling with tarot

Reading the Fool’s journey

Interpreting reversed cards

Finding your friends in the tarot

Reading tarot for other people

Writing your code of ethics

Creating tarot art

Reading cards in paris and threes

Creating your own tarot spreads

Find out more about the Alternative Tarot Course here

Want a flavour of my style? My tarot tips page has plenty of tarot exercises and ideas to give you loads to blog about.


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The Alternative Tarot Course
Finding your own way with tarot

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