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Earth, air, fire or water? Each of us is made up of these elements – we are a constantly-changing blend of all four. But sometimes, to make something happen, move forwards, press pause or manage our lives, we need to bring in a little extra of one or another. That’s why I created my four …

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We finally meet. After years of ogling others’ Collective Tarot decks, I’m so happy I now have my own. I’m gonna sit here, on this gorgeously bright Wednesday morning, with a bowl of porridge and a good strong coffee, and ask these cards all about how we’re going to get along…. 1. Tell me about yourself. …

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I’m your gal. Four Elements Web Design is my other big passion besides tarot – this is the place where I get to geek out with creative women and work with them to create beautiful, brilliant online homes for their businesses. I even have a special package just for tarot readers. If you’ve been thinking about taking …

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